Prophecy Not For Predicting Poll Results

Archbishop_Duncan-Williams-478x330Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams  says the gift of prophecy is not meant for predicting elections results.

“The prophetic gift which is not for lotto numbers and its not also to predict the outcome of elections,” he noted in a recent sermon.
He emphasised that: “The prophetic gift and office is for the Church and its for the Body of Christ”.

The charismatic archbishop added that the gift of prophecy “…cannot be hijacked and subjected to political matters and issues”.
Ghana’s political scene becomes inundated with prophecies of who and which party wins elections during voting.

Archbishop Duncan-Williams said he believed that, “that which is of God shall stand and that which is not of God shall fail”.

He said whether certain prophecies are “genuine or false, its not my job to attack and to insult them. You leave them to time. For the Bible says ‘Whatever God does shall be forever’, so anything that is of God shall stand and what is not of God withers away with time”.

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