Don’t allow demise of Oblempong Kojo Ababio degenerate in dispute – King Tunnma II

The Ga-Dangbe Lands Administration Council has appealed to the Ngleshie Alata Traditional Council to ensure that the demise of Oblempong Kojo Ababio did not culminate into another Ga State Chieftancy dispute.

In a press statement signed by King Ayi Tunnma II, Coordinator of the council, the statement described the late Nii Ababio as one of the great leaders of the Ga state who must be accorded a dignified state and traditional burial.


It asked kingmakers of Ngleshie Alata to be circumspective in the process for a succession plan, taking into consideration the recent development in the Ga State which has led to the emergence of numerous chieftaincy disputes.


The statement said in order to streamline chieftaincy issues in the Ga State, there was the need to organise stakeholder meetings to deliberate on how best to patch the differences which has led to the many chieftaincy disputes.


It said the Ga-Dangbe Lands Administration Council was prepared to play a lead role in such reconciliation dialogues which would ultimately bring lasting peace and progress to the Ga State.


The statement said there was also the need to streamline land acquisition in the Ga State as many compulsorily acquired lands by the state were being used for other developments instead of using them for projects for which they were acquired for.


It said such trends have become a common feature in the Ga State with the Lands Commission being accused of double-standard practice in dealing with traditional leaders over the matter.


The statement said though the Ga State was currently improvised with many indigenes wallowing in poverty, the various chieftaincy disputes have offered the government an open-window to delay payment of compensation to many stools.


It said the way Ga State lands issues were being handled did not auger well for justice and fairness across the country, since it seemed that Gas were being marginalised without any benefit from state-acquired lands which reduce their economic progress.


The statement said the Council was in a working relationship with many of the actors and asked potential land owners and developers to contact the office with any of their challenges.


It said the Council would continue its advocacy programmes to ensure that the Ga State gets out of the current quagmire which has enveloped the area and reduce economic activities to barest level.


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