Prof Alabi promises good salary for players as Ghana president

Prof. Alabi – Wants good pay for players

Prof. Alabi – Wants good pay for players

Ghanaian players are among the scantily-paid workers in the country – with some of them salaried as low as GH¢200.

This has become grave concern among stakeholders of the game, over the years.

However, according to Prof. Joshua Alabi – an aspiring flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), the ‘players’ headache’ would be put to sleep, if he becomes president of Ghana.

Prof. Alabi, former General Secretary of the Ghana League Clubs Association (GHALCA) and Management Committee Chairman of the Black Stars, said he would initiate a scheme where the state would take care of the monthly salary of division one and premier league players – who are properly registered with their clubs.

“Under my watch, I will ensure players are paid considerably well for their work and not the pitiable remunerations a good number of them are receiving at the moment,” he asserted.

He explained that the said players and clubs would be made to enter into an agreement with the state with regard to their future.

“Now, once the player secures an international contract, the state will be entitled to, let’s say, five per cent of the said contract as well as a small percentage of his salary – depending on how long the player had been on the state’s payroll.”

According to the former Executive Committee member of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), proceeds from the players’ contribution will be put into a Sports Development Fund (SDF).

“This fund will be invested and can play a huge part in sports development as well as take care of retired sportsmen and women,” suggested Prof. Alabi, a former Rector and Vice Chancellor of the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA).

A reliable source at the GFA told the Times Sports yesterday that more than 100 players leave the shores of Ghana annually in “search of greener pastures.”

It said about three-quarters of the aforementioned figure end up with contracts.

The ex-Greater Accra and Northern Regional Minister also called for recommendations an independent board for the management of the premier league with higher powers, checks and balances between the board and the FA, and a rapid resolution of all disputes which may arise in football.

“Congress of the GFA, which is a meeting of all stakeholders, must admit to shortcomings inherent in the current constitution, and table proposals to correct them.

“ A new constitution which encourages checks and balances, gives autonomy to the Professional League Board (PLB), fast tracks resolution of disputes within hours, and protects our continental or international representatives is the way to go,”  stressed Prof Alabi, who was awarded Office of the Order of the Volta, Government of Ghana, 2016.



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