A five-member committee has been appointed to investigate the circumstances which led to the fire disaster at the Goil Filling Station at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle, during the June 3 floods.

The committee, headed by a retired Appeal Court judge, is expected to delve into the incident and unearth its cause.

Scores of people died in the flood and fire disaster, with many others still unaccounted for. Indeed, the exact number of people who died is still not known as many families are still searching for their loved ones who happened to be in the vicinity at the time of the catastrophe.

It is our hope that the committee would undertake the assignment responsibly, and establish the factors which led to the explosion at the filling station.

That is very necessary to put the matter to rest, as currently, various reasons are being bandied around, such as leakage of the storage tank, thunder and lightning striking the tank, and someone dropping a lit cigarette in the area.

The Times, however, is at a loss why two weeks after the disaster, state agencies like the Ghana National Fire Service and the National Disaster Management Organisation with their expertise in these matters, have not come out with findings from their investigations.

The Times believes that if they had, it would not be necessary to set up this committee, with its associated cost to the nation in terms of allowances and other overheads.

Institutions of state must be proactive in their work, and tackle issues within their ambit, without prompting by the authorities.

As the matter stands now, we expect all to assist the committee with its work by making available to it, any information vital to the unravelling of the mystery surrounding the cause of the fire.

We also hope the report of the committee would not end up on shelves and gather dust, as many such reports have ended up.

The Times expects the affable and hardworking Minister of the Interior, who has proved his mettle in the handling of other serious national issues, to act on the committee’s report by implementing its recommendations to the letter.

Those whose actions or inactions led to the fire must be dealt with, and necessary measures adopted, quickly, to nip any such future calamity in the bud.

We wish the committee well!

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