‘Probe Officers Involved In Subah Payment’

The Ghana Integrity Initiative (GII) has called for an investigation of all the public officers at the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) and the Ministry of Finance allegedly involved in the contract and the resultant payment to Subah Info Solutions to monitor the revenue of telecom operators in the country.

They have called also for the immediate suspension of all the public officers involved while the investigations are being conducted.

A statement issued by the executives of the Initiative, urged President John Dramani Mahama, to go beyond ordering ‘a review of the contract because it was not signed by the appropriate authority’ as there could be potential or possible criminal acts involved.

“GII is indeed saddened by the developments in this Subah Info Solutions case and calls for a more robust action on the part of the President. We would therefore, urge the President to order EOCO to investigate Subah Info Solutions,” it said.

The statement said although the GRA signed the contract in 2010, they started paying for the services in January 2011, adding that, the payments made were improper since no services had been rendered by Subah Info Solutions to GRA and the payments could amount to “willfully causing financial loss to the state.”

It said the GRA disguised the payment to Subah Info Solutions as VAT refunds in order to not only hide the illegality of the payments, but also to enable the company to evade the payment of appropriate taxes on the monies paid.

The statements said all those acts bordered on possible criminality on the part of both officials of the GRA and Ministry of Finance involved in the payments to Subah Info Solutions, if found to be true.

“Public confidence in government’s efforts at fighting corruption is low and many Ghanaians are disappointed at the level of impunity displayed by persons in trusted positions as demonstrated by the Subah case,” it said.

GII has therefore called on the President to put in more concrete measures to fight corruption.

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