‘Private security industry needs regulation’

The Association of Private Security Organisations of Ghana (ASPOG) has called for the passage of a comprehensive law that will regulate the operations of the private security firms.

According to the association, the passage of the law would ensure that private security firms conform to international standards and best practices.

Captain (Rtd) Anthony Kwesi Acquah, Chairman of the association, who was speaking at a programme dubbed, ‘Business Advocate’ organised by BUSAC Fund said, “the absence of a specific regulatory policy for the private security industry in Ghana has resulted in the reliance on a minor footnote in the Police Service Act 350 for the registration and regulation of private security firms in Ghana”.

This, according to him, had made the registration of such firms very bureaucratic and cumbersome.

“The situation is affecting our investment and business interest, as well as eroding investor confidence in the sector and adding to the unemployment woes of Ghana,” Captain (rtd) Acquah said.

Speaking on the topic, ‘Streamlining private security into the national security policy framework,’ he said a viable private security sector that is well regulated with a defined scope of service will help reduce bureaucracy in the registration and renewal of licensing processes.

Ghana has not taken a formal decision to address the challenges presented by the private security industry.

The country currently has over 1,000 registered private security companies.

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