Private remedial schools’ business booms

One of the posters

One of the posters

Some private remedial schools are lacing their boots to cash in on the new two-semester stream being implemented in Senior High Schools across the country.

Already, these schools have begun registering students on the green track under the double track system, promising supplementary tuition to keep them academically active while at home.

With posters dubbed “Double Track Classes” continually springing up in various parts of the capital city, Accra asking students to purchase a registration form for between GH¢ 30.00 to GH¢ 100.00 to commence classes.

The Ghanaian Times spotted such posters of schools including 1st Grade Remedial Institute, Apex College, Progressive Grade, Ideal College and Oxford Remedial College, with others just putting up only contact details on the posters claiming to offer double track classes.

Dotted along areas including the Mallam-Weija Highway, Gbawe, Lapaz and the Odorkor-Darkuman-Kaneshie Highway, the adverts ostensibly appealed to the conscience of parents and guardians to find ‘profitable’ ways of engaging their wards.

For instance, one was spotted with the catch phrase, “start early to gain academic advantage before it all starts,” while another had, “your grade, our job.”

The paper however noted that most of the remedial classes advertised for only the core subjects; English Language, Social Studies, Core Mathematics and Integrated Science.

On a visit to some of these schools, it was noted that charges for classes ranged from GHc 300.00 to about GHc 500.00 depending on duration and number of courses a child may undertake.

For instance, the Director of Progressive Grade who gave his name as Sir Bright explained that the school had fashioned out flexible payment for parents depending on how long they wanted their children to be engaged in the school.

“For us, we do not want to burden parents too much so our system is made flexible such that you can pay monthly which is GHc 100.00. We have morning sessions (8:00am-2:30pm) and evening sessions (6:30pm-8:30pm) so whichever you prefer for your child, you can opt for.”

On why the school was not offering elective courses, the Director noted that “it is possible for us to teach that on the request of the parent but that will come with little additional cost.”

“We are concerned with toughening students to pass their examination and we are ready to go any length to satisfy every student that comes here,” he stated.

In the case of Ideal College, though registration forms were free of charge, it charged GHc 500.00 no matter how long or short the child would take up courses offered.

A parent the paper met making enquiries at the school during the visit lamented the high charge of the school indicating that, “if not for the fact that someone is offering to pay for my child to take up the classes, on my own, I would not have paid.”

Meanwhile some parents whose children are on the green track and are already home or expecting them by end of week have expressed divergent views on enrolling their wards for double track classes.

One of them, Madam Charity Vizdro, a trader stated that, “I do not have such money to enrol my daughter in such classes. I would be going to the market with her to assist me trade my wares.”

Mr. Osei Yaw however was concerned about the quality of teaching offered by the remedial classes though he would not mind his child attending such classes.

By Abigail Annoh


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