Prisoners’ Feeding Allowance Must Be Increased

The lamentations of the Interior Minister, Mr Mark Owen Woyongo, over the feeding fee of GH¢1.80p per day, for prisoners has sent us wondering whether the country takes the welfare of prisoners seriously.

The Interior Minister is reported as describing the daily feeding allowance as woefully inadequate, and questions what the amount could buy presently, and says in spite of the current economic situation, something must be done about it.

Bearing in mind where he expressed those remarks, the Times cannot fail to let the prison authorities know that the feeding allowance is inadequate, and should therefore be increased.

The onus lies with the government to sit with the prison authorities, and fix something realistic for our incarcerated compatriots

Much as we appreciate Mr Woyongo’s lamentations, we think the promise to do “something” about it is one of the normal jargons of public officers.

However, we would give him the benefit of the doubt, with the hope that he would keep his promise and have the situation rectified.

As a country, we have for far too long behaved as ostriches, by burying our heads in the sand when it comes to providing the social needs of the disadvantaged in society.

It sometimes takes fierce struggles and cajoling for the vulnerable to get their human rights.

Lepers, the disabled, and prisoners continue to be fed on meagre allowances, and it should not be so.

While it is refreshing and encouraging to hear that the m    `inister has taken the issue up and wants to do something about it, we wish to call on the government to intervene in the interim, and improve the conditions of the prisoners.

We are mindful that the country is going through turbulent times, but that notwithstanding, we believe it is possible to review the feeding allowance, and it must be done!

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