Prices of goods rise in Accra markets

Prices of foodstuff in major markets in Accra, have rose slightly in the second week of June as against the same period last month.

A Ghana News Agency market survey conducted at Makola, Tema Station, Tudu, Kaneshie and Mallam Atta at the weekend revealed that while the prices of some commodities recorded reduction in prices during the current week as against the previous month, others saw a marginal increase.

In some instances, commodity prices remained unchanged for the period.

The price of yam stayed high as compared to price levels that prevailed a couple of weeks ago. This has been attributed to the fact that the old stock is now running out of supply.

A big tuber of yam is sold at GH¢10 at all the markets as against GH¢8 last month; three fresh medium sized Tilapia is sold at GH¢20 as against GH¢15 last month.

At Makola, Tema Station, and Kaneshie markets dried herring is sold at GH¢5 per margarine cup; four fingers of small sized plantain is sold at GH¢2 while four fingers of medium sized plantain is sold at GH¢4.

Prices of textiles in the market ranged from GH¢20 to GH¢200 per six yards. Textiles such as Hi Target are sold at GH¢75 per six yards; GTP Nustyle is sold at GH¢65 per six yards; Printex is sold at GH¢120 per six yards; GH¢110per six yards; and ATL is sold GH¢120 per six yards.

The prices of some food items such as rice, wheat, maize, and pepper have however remained the same in most markets in Accra during the week.

The prices of food commodities however continued to drop as compared to the previous months. The situation has been attributed to the onset of rains, as well as the beginning of the current harvest season.

Prices of foodstuff such as cassava, cocoyam, and plantain have now dropped marginally.

The survey showed that foodstuff prices at the Makola market were less expensive than those at the Tema station.


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