Prices of foodstuff stabilise in major markets

A market survey of the wholesale and retail prices of various food commodities from various market centres in Accra had revealed that the prices gradually stabilised in the third week of June.

The survey conducted by the Ghana News Agency(GNA) at Mallam, Kaneshie, Makola, Kasoa, Achimota, Dome and Tema Community Nine Markets over the weekend, revealed that prices of foodstuffs, even though they varied at the various centres, were relatively moderate.

Generally the GNA survey revealed that prices of goods at Dome, Achimota and Makola markets were relatively expensive as compared to the other markets visited.

A bag of maize at the Dome market was sold at GH¢250.00 and an olonka was GH¢6.00; at Mallam market, a bag was pegged at GH¢220.00, whilst an olonka was sold at GH¢5.00; at the Kaneshie market, a bag of maize was sold at GH¢200.00, whilst an olonka also went for GH¢5.00; and at the Makola market a bag was GHc200.00, whilst an olonka goes for GH¢4.00.

At the Tema market, a big paint rubber bucket of tomatoes was sold at GHc40.00; at Kasoa it was sold at GH¢35.00; at Mallam market the same quantity was sold for GH¢30.00; at Achimota market it was pegged between GH¢25.00 and GH¢30.00; and at Makola GH¢15.00; whilst at Kaneshie a box of tomatoes went for GH¢600.00.

The price of groundnut paste also varied at the various markets; a paint rubber bucket was sold at GH¢50.00 and margarine tin for GH¢12.00 at Mallam market.

The price of a bunch of plantain at Makola was GH¢60.00 and two fingers went for GH¢2.00; at Mallam market the price ranged from GH¢10.00 to GH¢35.00 depending on the sizes, whilst three fingers of small sized plantain was GH¢2.00 and four medium size was sold at GH¢5.00; at Kaneshie market, two medium size fingers of plantain was sold at GH¢2.00.

At Kasoa, a bunch of plantain was sold for GH¢30.00, four fingers for GH¢2.00; at Achimota the bunch was sold between GH¢35.00 and GH¢80.00.

The prices of a tuber of yam also recorded slightly market variations depending on the type; at Mallam market, four tubers of Alaba medium was sold at GH¢8.00, and a tuber of ponjo big size was sold at GH¢6.00.

At Kaneshie three tubers of ponjo big size was sold at GH¢15.00 and a tuber of pona big size was sold at GH¢7.00; at Makola, a tuber of pona was sold at GH¢4.00 and three tubers for GH¢10.00; at Dome market a tuber of pona was sold between GH¢4.00 and GH¢5.00; and at Kasoa market a tuber of ponjo was sold at GH¢5.00 and a tuber of pona GH¢7.00.

At Mallam Market, an olonka of palm nut was sold between GH¢1.00 and GH¢2.00; at the Kaneshie market, an olonka was sold at GH¢5.00; at Makola, an olonka was sold at GH¢3.00; at Kasoa the price was GH¢4.00; at Achimota the price was GH¢5.00; and at Tema the price was GH¢5.00.

At the Mallam Market, the price of pepper — red — GH¢20 per olonka, and GH¢5 margarine tin.

Dry pepper was sold for GH¢15 per olonka, and GH¢5 margarine tin.

Green pepper was GH¢15 per olonka, and GH¢3 margarine tin, while powdered pepper was sold at GH¢25 per olonka and GH¢5.00 margarine tin.

At the Achimota market, green pepper was sold at GH¢25 Olonka, and the red pepper GH¢30 Olonka while at Kasoa green pepper was sold at GH¢10 olonka and GH¢3 margarine tin.

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