Yesterday, The Ghanaian Times reported the shocking death of six children following the collapse of part of a school wall, on them.

The tragedy occurred in Breman Gyambra in the Esikuma-Odoben-Brakwa District of Central Region, when the wall of the Methodist Kindergarten School, collapsed leaving six children dead, with three others injured.

The collapse of the building was said to be  a result of cracks that had developed in the dilapidated building of the school.

Residents blamed the tragedy on the in-action of the district assembly authorities to rehabilitate the building, which eventually collapsed on the innocent children.

Indeed, we are astonished at the neglect and the subsequent collapse of the wall, which killed the children who had gone to school to begin their education career.

It is heartbreaking that public officials showed very little concern for the safety of the children and left them to face such a painful tragedy.

The death of these children is yet another testimony of how public property is neglected and little concern shown in maintaining them in order to protect lives and property.

It is unfortunate that these little ones have to pay the ultimate price by losing their lives tragically due to the negligence of adults, who should be protecting them, but rather neglected their role in such a careless manner.

Although, no amount of punishment meted out to those who may be found culpable for the neglect, can compensate for the lives of these ill-fated children, we are of the view that all those who are responsible for this unfortunate situation must be held accountable.

It is unacceptable for the children to have been allowed to perish under such  horrendous and painful circumstances.

We, therefore, recommend that a thorough investigation is conducted into the accident, so that those found to be responsible are punished.

That is the surest way to prevent the re-occurrence of the tragedy at Breman-Gyambra or anywhere else in the country.

We sympathise with the bereaved families and share in their pain and for the departed souls, we bid them farewell.

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