President rejects NPP plagiarism allegation

President Mahama addressing a durbar  of Chiefs and  Party members at Ga Mantse Palace.President John Dramani Mahama yesterday refuted accusations of manifesto plagiarism leveled against the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) by the main opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), saying the contents of the NDC manifesto are “well thought out original ideas.”

Describing the claims as laughable, the President wondered how the NDC could have plagiarised the NPP’s manifesto which is yet to be outdoor.

“When they say we have plagiarised their manifesto I do not think they understand plagiarism. It only amounts to plagiarism when one steals from a known document and put it in another document, but there is no document called NPP manifesto,” he said.

Addressing a durbar of Ga chiefs at the Ga Mantse Palace in Accra as part of his campaign tour of the Greater Accra Region, President Mahama rather asked the NPP to “feel free to copy from our manifesto,” teasing them that the 8 October, date the NPP has planned to launch its manifesto “gives them a lot of time to copy from us.”

President Mahama on Tuesday evening highlighted key points in the NDC’s manifesto ahead of its national launch in Sunyani on Sunday.

He announced major interventions for the various sectors of the economy, among which his administration plans to address unemployment, boost local economies with the opening of factories, boost agriculture with irrigation systems, pursue the creation of five additional regions, build stadia, improve the road networks, transportation, provide laptops to school children, build more schools, consolidate the growth of the economy, as well as institute constitutional changes to have Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives elected.

Subsequently, the NPP held a news conference on Wednesday, in which they accused the NDC of copying their ideas from the NPP manifesto.

But President Mahama dismissed the claims, indicating that the NPP did not have what it takes to lead the country.

“I was actively part of the formation of our manifesto, and we did not adopt any party’s ideas. “We have been governing this country, we are running the programmes and we have the ideas,” he said.

He wondered why the NPP was “hiding” its manifesto from Ghanaians, and challenged the party to make it public immediately if they really have one ready.

Touching on the other development issues in the region, he said the government would continue to invest in infrastructure development to develop Accra to a level that would effectively reflect its status as the gateway to Ghana.

He promised that his second term would witness the executing of more first class social and economic infrastructure and other interventions to uplift Accra.

“There are a lot of things we are going to do in Accra, but we will need the cooperation and support of the traditional authorities to ensure the success of the projects,” he told the chiefs.

To ensure an effective partnership between the government and chiefs, he announced that a stakeholder conference would be held to agree on the road map for the redevelopment of Accra to avoid haphazard projects.

“I am certain we will win this election and by 2021 when I leave office we would have made Ghana a model in the sub-region,” he said.

Nii Doudu Nsaki III, acting President of the Ga Traditional Council, who welcomed President Mahama, commended the government for the various development projects in Accra, as well as the improved management of the economy, but called for “more share of the national cake for Accra.”

He assured the government of their support and collaboration, and urged the President to continue to be tolerant and humble since “it is only God who enthrones leaders.”

From the Ga Mantse Palace, President Mahama moved to the Abbosey Okai spare parts enclave where he interacted with the motor spare parts dealers and assured them of the development of the area.

Among others, he announced plans for the the building of a multi-storey car park and the asphalting of roads in the area to give the enclave a facelift.

He promised that if re-elected his administration would execute more first class social and economic infrastructure and other interventions to uplift Accra.

Among others, he announced plans to construct a multi-storey car park and the asphalting of roads in the area to give the enclave a facelift.

By Edmund Mingle


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