President must condemn violent ‘takeover’- Prof Gyampo

Prof. GyanapoA Political Science lecturer with the University of Ghana, Legon, Prof. Ransford Gyampo has urged President Nana Akufo-Addo to openly condemn the violent takeover by alleged supporters of the governing party.
Prof. Gyampo said a public condemnation would send a clear signal to the supporters that the election victory was only a change in government and not an overthrow of government.
He was commenting on the alleged violent attacks on opponents of the NDC and other public institutions across the country.
Speaking in an interview Prof. Gyampo said the attacks were signs of the winner-takes-all syndromes in Ghanaian politics.
He said party supporters misinterpret the formula of winner-takes-all as a license to take over anytime their party wins power.
He stated that the same winner-takes-all syndrome also makes the police ineffective in circumstances like this because some of them would be looking to retaining their positions or be promoted to higher positions by the new government and may not want to do anything that would court the displeasure of the government in power.
Prof. Gyampo said such attacks destroy the cohesion of the country and the earlier the President comments on it the better.
He stated it may well be that some opponents of the NPP would indulge in such violent attacks just to make the government look bad and the President must condemn such attacks in no uncertain terms.

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