President Mahama, please intervene

DEAR Editor,

I AM appealing to His Ex-cellency President John Dramani Mahama to set aside the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) of the Eastern Regional House Chiefs purporting to establish a ‘third gate’ in the Yilo-Krobo Paramountcy.

As a matter of verifiable and indisputable fact there are only two (2) Paramount Gates in the Yilo-Krobo chieftaincy institution and they are the OLOGO and AKROBETTOE GATES.

Infact, there has never been any period in the life of the Yilo-Krobo chieftaincy set up where a ‘third gate’ has ever been created.

As deputy Head of the OLOGO GATE, I am humbly appealing to the President of the Republic of Ghana to set up a committee that will include all interested groups and individuals involved in the raging Yilo-Krobo chieftaincy dispute for an amicable settlement since tension is mounting over the purported creation of a ‘third gate’ in the Yilo-Krobo Paramountcy.

Indeed, my appeal to His Excellency the President is hinged on the recent petition signed by Mr G. G. B. Adjirackor one of the secretaries to the Yilo-Krobo Traditional Council with the heading: Elders Of Yilo-krobo Petition President Over Creation Of Third Gate which appeared on page 23 of the Daily Graphic of Thursday, February 19, 2015 and a rejoinder captioned: Presidency asked to ignore petition on Yilo-Krobo paramountcy by one Mr Komlorm also on page 23 of Monday, February 23, 2015 of the Daily Graphic and to comment and set the records straight.

  1. That Mr G. G. B. Adjirackor alias KING GEORGE is a well-known citizen of Yilo-Krobo and beyond, who actually works with the Traditional Council as secretary to the annual KLOYOSI-KPLEMI FESTIVAL of which Your Excellency was in attendance during the 2011 and 2014 editions. He is also a royal.
  2. That the petition by Mr Adjirackor (King George) is the true reflection of the Yilo-Krobo Paramountcy.
  3. Nene Nuer Anobaah Saraku who the Nyumuteye’s claim to be their ancestor was the PARENTAL GRANDFATHER of Mr Joshua Nartey Nuer the present head of family of the OLOGO GATE.
  4. That the name Nuer is a first name in Yilo-Krobo and NEVER a royal name.
  5. That Mr Joshua Nar-tey Nuer, the Ologo Head of Family had never met the police to solicit their assistance to hand-over any key to anyone.
  6. That it is the turn of the AKROBETTOE GATE to install a KONOR which KONOR had already been properly installed according to customs and traditions of Yilo-Krobo. He is in the person of NENE TEYE OFANTSER AKROBETTOE IV who is awaiting outdooring.
  7. That the MOU under the said ADR never established a ‘third gate’ which also was not arrived at with the prior approval of the Ologo and Akrobettoe Gates, but it is the Nyumuteye’s who are forcing to do so. It must not be allowed to continue so future generations will be spared the agony of bloodshed.
  8. I however maintain that there are ONLY TWO GATES namely OLOGO and AKRO-BETTOE Gates in Yilo-Krobo; a fact which is well-known by all and sundry (including non-citizens) in the traditional area.

I have attached herewith a documentary proof for you perusal.


Divine Tetteh Ologo,

Deputy Head of Ologo Gate,

P.O. Box 1,


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