President Mahama Deserves Praises — Apaak

President MahamaA Presidential Staffer, Dr. Clement Apaak, says President John Mahama deserves commendation for the assiduous manner with which he managed the “myriad challenges” the country faced in his first year of office.

He said in spite of the challenge of his (Mahama) mandate in court based on “suspicious and frivolous claims” the “mysterious and rampant fires” coupled with labour agitations and the energy crisis, President Mahama persevered.

He added: “All these challenges I am talking about, one of them has the capacity to bring a government to its knees but the president persevered.”

Dr. Clement Apaak made these remarks on Monday in Accra.

As part of activities to mark his first year in office, President Mahama availed himself to the media as part of measures to deepen transparency and accountability in government.

The media interaction which was held at the Flagstaff House, Kanda, last Tuesday witnessed the President answering questions on topical issues, especially on corruption and the controversial sale of Merchant Bank which dominated national discourse.

After his maiden media encounter, the President has been commended for being candid with his answers but others especially the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), contend that it was a fruitless exercise.

But Dr. Clement Apaak said: “I think the one year anniversary of His Excellency in office is more than enough to write a book or even a blockbuster Hollywood movie.”

He explained that given the issues he (Mahama) has had to deal with, he went ahead to form a government “in spite of the hypocritic attempt by the opposition to try and throw dust into the eyes of the public”.

“The mark of a good leader can only be measured on the basis of his ability to deal with challenging and pressing situations so those who have the audacity to doubt the president’s leadership abilities should assess these issues and draw their own conclusions,” he added.

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