Presidency Can’t Fight Corruption Alone — Whyte

John-Dramani-MahamaPresidential Staffer, Dr. Michael Kpessa Whyte, has advised Ghanaians not to put the sole responsibility of fighting corruption on the shoulders of the presidency.

“I agree that leadership must take action but leadership at what level? When we talk about leadership, people immediately assume that leadership must only be at the level of the president,” he lamented.

He suggested that acting collectively in a consented effort through “leadership at the traditional level, leadership at the church level, leadership at the mosque level, leadership at the school level, leadership at the community level…is the only way we can deal with corruption.”

Dr. Whyte noted that the sense of “civic nationalism in this country is very, very weak and it is largely also accountable for the spate or the perception of corruption in this country because people are acting in their self-interest instead of acting first in the interest of the nation”.

He mentioned that if the right civic manners and values are taught at the basic school level, it will aid in curbing the canker of corruption which has plagued the country.

“The upright person for tomorrow needs to be created for today. Don’t wait and create I’m sorry to say, a corrupt individual or corrupt minds from infancy and expect that that person grows to become all of a sudden, an upright person that will uphold national values,” he explained.

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