Presby Church don’t support any party

marteyThe outgoing Moderator of the Presbyterian Church, Reverend Professsor Emmanuel Martey has dismissed suggestions that the church supports a political party.

According to the Moderator, the church would not support any political party.

Speaking in an interview the Moderator indicated that, “the Presbyterian Church of Ghana does not belong to any party and does not support any party”.

Rev. Martey’s comments were in reaction to some criticisms that he declared the church’s support for the presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

This was after the presidential candidate sought the support of the church during its 16th General Assembly.

In a response to the request, the Moderator said “we are taking this seriously. For us, as a church, the Presbyterian Church is the oldest, existing church in this country. We will not sit down for newer churches and political parties to come and mess up our country”.

This response has not gone down well with many who believed the Moderator is doing the bidding of the opposition party.

Some have even accused him of being a member of the NPP, but Rev. Martey has denied it.

“We have seen governments over governments and the Presbyterian  Church at the moment is partnering the NDC government in the governance of our nation,” he said.

“We have partnered all governments in the Fourth Republic. The church will partner every government that comes. So if the leadership of an opposition party comes and asks for our partnership we will support them,” he continued.

The Moderator stressed that there is no way he will sell his conscience to any political party, and the church is only playing its role as mandated.

For him, anyone who believes that he is supporting or is a member of any political party is “mentally retarded”, because “this is not done anywhere”.


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