‘Pres Mahama can’t fix economy in 2yrs’

president mahamaThe Eastern Regional Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mark-Oliver Kevor has stated that opponents of President John Mahama who accused him not fixing the economy have missed the point.

He explained that the President has rather demonstrated his willingness to achieve sustainable development for the country.

President Mahama’s performance over the past two years since he assumed office has come under severe scrutiny from some civil society groups and opposition parties.

But the Eastern Regional Secretary of the NDC disagrees, saying that “President Mahama is not a magician to transform the country overnight”.

Mr. Kevor added: ”Those saying the President has achieved nothing within his two years in office may have to be awoken from their slumber. Look if for nothing at all, President Mahama and for that matter the NDC can pride itself with the Kpong Water Project, which currently serves parts of the Greater and Eastern Regions. For over twenty-five years, residents of these areas have struggled to get water but the government has now provided them [with water]”.

”The point I am making is that some of the opposition party especially the NPP and its cohorts are deliberately refusing to admit the many successes chalked by this government”

“Fine in as much as we all admit that there were challenges confronting the economy, the President could not have transformed the economy within two years. That is a fact and people must appreciate that”, he emphasised.

The NDC scribe said although it was true that some roads in the Eastern Region need rehabilitation, the situation has been blown out of proportion and politicised.

“The deplorable roads they [NPP] talk about have been there when they were in power. They could not fix it. It is in our plans to fix them and trust me this government will fix it, but the impression being created is that it started taking bad shape during our time” he said.

Adding that: “The President is committed, and he will do it. I can tell you on authority that the much talked about Nsawam-Suhum-Apedwa stretch, the 22Km Suhum-Asamankese among other roads will be funded through the Cocoa Roads Funds”.

He mentioned the construction of hospitals in some districts, the construction of community day Senior High Schools across the country, the establishment of a Public university in the Eastern Region, as some notable achievements.

Meanwhile, the Regional secretary caucus of the ruling NDC have elected Mr. Kevor as their head.-


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