Pres launches ‘No Rejected Ballot’ campaign

President Mahama.With 14 days to the general election, President John Mahama has launched a “No Spoilt Ballot” campaign with the aim of gaining maximum votes for a landslide victory.

According to the President, the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) has zero tolerance for spoilt ballots in the upcoming election.

“Every vote counts and we can’t afford to lose any ballot,” he said as he addressed a mini rally at Bolgatanga on Sunday evening at the start of his campaign tour of the Upper East Region.

The issue of spoilt ballots has been a major challenge for some electoral areas, particularly in the rural zones, and in some instances in previous elections, the counted spoilt ballots are more than the valid votes.

“We need all the votes,” President Mahama stressed.

Leading the party’s education drive to overcome the spoilt ballot menace, the President throughout his campaign tour, had been informing the electorate about the appropriate voting procedure, especially the thumbprinting aspect.

The December 7 election, according to the President, is a crucial one that would determine the future of the nation, saying the NDC government needed to be retained for the benefit of all Ghanaians.

The national development process, President Mahama said has gathered high momentum with the solid foundation built by his administration, and that nothing should be allowed to derail the progress.

He charged the constituency executives and members to deploy all measures to effectively educate the masses, especially in the rural areas about best voting practices.

Justifying why the Upper East Region needed to vote massively for the NDC, President Mahama enumerated the high number of development projects undertaken in the region by his administration.

He cited the construction of major roads, schools, expansion of water systems, market redevelopment, agriculture support services, irrigation systems, provision of enterprise training for the youth and small loans for traders, as well as the construction of a regional hospital, as some of the strategic projects undertaken to open up the region for economic growth.

Although, more work remained to be done, President Mahama described the scope of development witnessed by the region as unprecedented, indicating that the region remained a priority to the NDC administration.

“You are all witnesses to what we have done for the region,” he said amidst loud cheers from the hundreds of supporters at the rally.

Among planned projects for the region, he announced that a modern sports stadium like the one built in Cape Coast would be built in Bolgatanga to enhance sporting activities in the region.


From Edmund Mingle, Bolgatanga.

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