Pres accuses NPP of setting stage for electoral dispute

President Mahama acknowledging cheers from supporters. Photo Godfred Blay GibbahPresident John Mahama has accused the main opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) of setting the stage to dispute outcome of the December 7 general elections, by constantly attacking the Electoral Commission (EC).
“They know they have already lost the election, so they want to find ways of discrediting the Electoral Commission so that the public and the international community will believe it when they claim that the EC has rigged the election for the NDC,” he stated.
Describing the NPP’s recent attacks on the EC as needless, he said the attitude was “a show of frustration and desperation to win power at all cost”, adding that the electoral system made it impossible for the EC to rig the election for any party.
Addressing the chiefs of the Kpone Katamanso Traditional Council and residents at Kpone near Tema on Saturday, President Mahama said “the NDC has no fears because it is confident of victory in the December election”.
“In its last attack on the EC, the NPP at a press conference in Accra, claimed that the EC had failed to provide it with the 2016 Voters’ Register to enable the party to plan for the election.
“But it emerged later that all of the parties, including the NPP, had been provided electronic version of the register, and observers believe that the NPP’s claim that the EC gave them a corrupted copy of the electronic copy was untenable since they could have simply gone with a new external drive for another copy rather than holding a press conference.”
“The NPP knows it will lose the election and so they are falsely claiming the EC boss wants to rig the election in our favour. They are setting the stage to dispute the election because they can’t win. So then after the defeat, the NPP will say the EC rigged the elections for us. But that is not possible, the Electoral Commission can’t do that. Our victory in this election will come from God. I’m not the least nervous about the election because I know the NDC will win convincingly,” he declared, and urged the people of the area to vote massively for the NDC to gain an outright win to avoid any dispute by the NPP.

President Mahama touted the achievements of his administration, indicating that Ghanaians were the best witnesses to what the government had been able to achieve.

“I will not say I have solved all of Ghana’s problems, but I have done what is humanly possible in the past four years,” he said.

The President cited a number of development projects in the Kpone area, including a community day senior high school, asphalt roads and clinics, saying more projects would be undertaken in the area in his next term.

Nii Tetteh Otu II, president of the Kpone Traditional Council, who declared the council’s support for the ruling NDC, described the government’s commitment to development as laudable.

“If I have not seen anything at all, I have seen the Kpone Community Day Senior High School (SHS) complex with its teachers’ flat and headteacher’s bungalow,” he stated, describing it as a remarkable investment that would highly benefit the area by offering quality secondary education to the youth.

From Kpone, President Mahama moved to Tema where he interacted with traders and commercial drivers at the Community One Market, after which he addressed a mini rally at the TMA park.

Afterwards, he moved to Tema Community Two where he addressed a mammoth rally, and assured the people of more development in the Tema area.

Aside from the plans to commence a $1billion expansion of the Tema Port which was expected to create about 3,000 jobs, he said an industrial park would be created within the Tema port to create jobs and enhance business in the area.


By Edmund Mingle & Dzifa Tetteh

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