‘PPP will transform Volta Region into tourism hub’

Paa Kwesi NduomThe 2016 running mate of the Progressive Peoples’ Party (PPP), Ms. Brigitte Dzogbenuku, has promised the people of the Volta Region that a PPP administration under Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom will transform the region into a tourism hub.

That, she explained, would be done by harnessing the abundant natural resources available in the region.

Addressing supporters at Galo Sota in the Anlo constituency, she cited the Keta lagoon which could be developed into the model of the Nzulezu river in the Western Region where hundreds of tourists patronised daily.

‘’I come from the Volta Region myself, so I know the numerous things that the region have, that could be used to turn it round economically.

Keta lagoon has been with us for years, I am promising you that an Nduom administration will develop the lagoon into a world class recreational centre that will bring visitors, both foreign and local, to boost the economy of Ghana and make jobs available to the people of the region,’’ she reiterated.

Ms. Dzogbenuku claimed the NDC administration has neglected the region, and its abundant resources.

‘’NDC government has done nothing about all the resources available to us. You move from Aflao through to Kete Krachi and on your way you realise all the abundant resources, from the monkey sanctuaries to the many waterfalls.”

Ms. Dzogbenuku has began a two-week tour of the country to canvass votes for Dr Nduom and the party’s parliamentary candidates.

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