‘PPP will implement efficient economic policy’

Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom

Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom

The presidential candidate of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP), Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom has stated that a PPP government will implement an efficient agenda for accelerated change built on incorruptible leadership if voted to run the affairs of the state.

He said his government would create a strong independent public prosecutor to root out corrupt government officials and make parliament truly independent by ensuring that a Member of Parliament cannot serve as a minister of state at the same time.

“I would work with parliament to pass the right to information bill to bring transparency and encourage accountability in PPP government,” he said.

Dr Nduom made these known at a press conference in Accra yesterday when he made a presentation on the party’s presidential policy team.

The policy team which was launched during the party’s convention was to announce its unique brand of politics which focuses on what the PPP government would do to change Ghana for the better.

He noted that the PPP would practice an all inclusive system of governance to appoint committed and dedicated citizens who have the knowledge and skills to develop the country.

“We believe that from our leadership Ghana shall move from a third world nation to a first world nation by working with great sense of duty and urgency within one generation.

We will implement an inclusiveness system of government that will enable us to use the best Ghanaians which includes the full participation of women, youth and people living with disabilities and above all a leadership that is incorruptible,” he said.

Dr Ndoum noted that a PPP government would reform state institutions to make government efficient, raise revenue to be able to pay public servants well to motivate them to facilitate the work of the private sector and the Ghanaian society in general.

He said the party would create a Ministry of Public Sector to lead the task of continous reforms, modernise state institutions, reduce the number of ministers of states to 40 and rely on professional civil and local servants to ensure efficient administration.

In the area of financing energy, Dr Nduom said the party would implement solutions with a sense of urgency to meet domestic needs for industry and residential use.

He said the party would provide tax incentives to enable development of alternative sources of fuel and power bio fuels as well as providing adequate funding to deal with generation, transmission and distribution challenges.

By Bernard Benghan

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