PPP embarks on re-organisation tour

The Progressive People’s Party (PPP) is embarking on a re-organisation tour of all the ten regions in the country aimed at improving the party’s electoral fortunes in 2020, Nii Allotey Brew Hammond, National Chairman has said.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency in Bolgatanga after meeting with some of the regional and constituency executives which formed the regional council of the party, he explained that the purpose of the re-organisation tour was to revitalise the party’s rank and file in order to prepare them adequately for the 2020 elections.

He said as part of the party’s strategies, plans were underway to strengthen their structures from the polling stations, the constituency and the regional levels to make them more vibrant.

He explained that the exercise had become necessary because  a research conducted by the party revealed that  majority of Ghanaians  had become disillusioned by both the National Democratic Congress  (NDC)  and the New Patriotic Party(NPP), saying only the PPP which was a genuine party could salvage Ghanaians from their economic predicaments.

“It has come to the realisation of many Ghanaians that it is only the PPP that can effect a positive change by fighting poverty, corruption, provide jobs and good leadership”.

He said, ‘’Ghana is now becoming a feared state and the PPP condemns in the strongest terms the current lawlessness going on in our country. The Progressive People’s Party will not condone any act of lawlessness from any vigilante group in Ghana.

Enough is enough, many people have suffered at the hands of vigilante groups, and it is time to dissolve them. Ghana will not be a breeding ground for terrorist groups. We therefore, demand that, the IGP immediately disband all political party affiliated vigilante groups, and arrest and prosecute members of the groups culpable for causing harm to innocent people and damaging state assets”.

The National Chairman called on Ghanaians to change their voting patterns in 2020 by endorsing the PPP to help restore peace and stability in the country adding that it was regrettable many Ghanaian youths were recently repatriated from Europe and indicated that PPP would create more jobs to cater for them.

On illegal mining in the country, Nii Hammond said PPP was against the illegal activities and indicated that the mining activities had not only polluted the country’s water bodies, but destroyed the environment and farmlands.

He indicated that the party was happy with the media coalition against illegal mining and encouraged them to continue with the concerted effort to help put a stop to “galamsey” in Ghana.

“We want to assure the coalition that they have a reliable partner in the PPP as a party in opposition and PPP as a party soon to be in government. We want to send warning signals to both the private and public sector actors that the environment in Ghana is no longer their playground. We expect the NPP government to gather the political will to prosecute and extradite all foreign “galamseyers” from Ghana so that our farmers can cultivate more crops to improve their individual livelihoods and that of the nation collectively”.



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