PPP candidate campaigns on youth empowerment

The Fanteakwa North parliamentary candidate of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP), Mr. Amos Nkansah, has pledged to invest more energy and time in jobs creation and education development, if elected.

He said people, particularly the youth, would be assisted to live their dreams through education and employable skills training.

The candidate, a businessman and a pastor of the Eleon Chapel, said a vote for him and his party “is a vote for jobs and development”.

Mr. Nkansah made the election promise when he spoke in an interview on his development vision for the constituency in Koforidua.

This was under the Ghana News Agency’s “Inclusive platform”, created to give voice to the smaller political parties, independent candidates, the youth and people with disabilities.

Mr. Nkansah indicated that he would set up a scholarship scheme to give financial support to brilliant young people from poor homes in senior high schools and technical/vocational institutions.

He again, spoke of his determination to promote sports development, by helping to establish the requisite facilities for people with sporting talents to fully exploit them.

Mr. Nkansah pointed out that sports, had become a lucrative business and changing the lives of many and that was why it should be given serious political attention.

He said the constituency was blessed with enormous natural resources, which could be efficiently harnessed to create wealth and transform the situation of the people.

Mr. Nkansah stated that he had all it took to woo investors to the area to robustly grow the local economy to lift the people out of poverty.

He appealed to the voters to make the right judgment by trusting the PPP with their votes in the forthcoming elections.


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