PPP acknowledges contribution of youth

Mr Divine Nkrumah, the National Youth Coordinator of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP), has observed that the growth of the party is based on the immense role and contribution of the youth.
“The Progressive People’s Party which started off as a baby party has grown over the years to become a very strong force.
“I can proudly say we are now the third force in the country and in talking about the success of the journey of our party, we cannot rule out the role of the youth,” he noted.
Mr Nkrumah made the observation at the fourth National Convention of the party organised in Bolgatanga and held under the theme: ‘Election of MMDCEs for rapid national development’.
He urged them to help ensure that the party moved from its current state to a first force party in the 2020 general election.
“Let us not be content and complacent with where we have reached on the political ladder.
“You and I would agree that there is still a lot more to be done to reach our goal and it will require extra effort, it will require going the extra mile, it would require going beyond our comfort zones and we can’t afford to give up the fight now,” he stressed.
Mr Nkrumah pointed out that as the future leaders, there is the urgent need for the youth to take the mantle of leadership into their own hands and ensure that a good party with laudable ideas like the PPP is given the power to deliver Ghanaians from ‘economic hardships’.
Mr Nkrumah said research conducted by the party revealed that many Ghanaians have lost hope in the New Patriotic Party and the National Democratic Congress and the PPP stands a good chance to win the elections in 2020.
He indicated that could be achieved through the building and strengthening of the grassroots, ensuring co-existence of the existing relationships and building more relationships with new members.
Mr Nkrumah urged the youth and supporters of the party to continue preaching the goodwill message of the party to win more supporters and new members to the party. -GNA

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