PPP accuses EC of selective application of law

Dr Paa Kwesi NduomThe Policy Advisor of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP), Mr. Kofi Asamoah Siaw has accused the Electoral Commission of being selective in the application of the law.

He said this at a press conference organised by the party to address matters relating to the alleged disqualification of its presidential candidate, Papa Kwesi Nduom.

Addressing the press, Mr. Siaw said the Electoral Commission had brought discrimination and selective justice to the 2016 election process, adding that it had the possibility of plunging the nation into chaos.

He alleged that the EC itself was the major conduit for the committal of all electoral offences including perjury.

According to Mr Siaw, the statutory declaration form for presidential candidates required that the candidate declare under oath that they have declared their assets.

“Some of the candidate had not declared their assets and yet they went ahead to swear an oath before a judge or commissioner of oath that they have done so,” he bemoaned.

The policy advisor further stated that the party had complied fully with directives from the EC while other political parties disregarded it yet the commission failed to enforce the necessary sanctions they promised.

“We do not want to think that the EC favours or is afraid of some political parties by restraining itself from applying its own rules evenly,” he said.

Mr. Siaw disclosed that the party after adhering to directive by the EC to submit the banker’s draft for the filing fees on October 10 was given a receipt by the commission fraught with mistakes.

He said the party had written to the Auditor-General and the Economic and Organised Crime Office (EOCO) to investigate the matter and prosecute the perpetrators if deemed necessary.

The CI 94, he indicated does not require that a candidate be disqualified on the grounds of invalid nomination form, and that the EC’s belligerent posture was dangerous for a multi-party democracy.

“We wish to encourage the EC chair to take a cue from the advice handed down to Dr. Afari-Gyan by the Supreme Court in the 2012 election petition case,” he said.

Mr. Siaw called on the National Peace Council, the Christian Council of Ghana and the Ghana Bar Association to call the Electoral Commission to order.

He however expressed the confidence that the present situation in the country suggested that the PPP was the only party to provide solution to correct the system.


By Dennis Kwame Amegede    



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