PPA to assess public assessment activity

Samuel Sallas-Mensah, chief director of the Ghana Public Procurement Authority.

Samuel Sallas-Mensah, chief director of the Ghana Public Procurement Authority.

The Public Procurement Authority, the body mandated to monitor and supervise public procurement, is to commence an assessment of procurement activities of public procurement entities this month.

The assessment, which would be based on all procurement activities undertaken in the year 2014, is aimed at improving public sector procurement.

The notice of commencement of the assessment exercise is contained in a statement signed by Mr Samuel Sallas-Mensah, Chief Executive of the Authority.

According to the statement, a team of assessors from the Public Procurement Authority had been assigned to various organisations and would carry out the assessment in areas such as management systems, information control, procurement process and contract management.

“Key staff working in the under listed department/sections/ units, would be interviewed by the assessors. The Head of Entity or his/her representative, Procurement Unit, Human Resources, Finance, Audit, Legal, Projects, Stores.

Experience from previous assignments has shown that, it would be more appropriate if representatives from these departments are interviewed together,” the statement said.

The statement said the assessors would also look for documentary evidence to support their findings.

In line with that, it said all necessary documentation, especially project or transaction files in relation to procurement activities for the year 2014 should be made available.

Among documents which would be required during the “evidence-based” assessment are: entity profile, list of ETC and TRB members, list of service providers (suppliers consultant and contractors) approval procurement plans.

The list of documents also includes budget extract- total expenditures, budget extract-procur- ement expenditure, staff training plan and reports, staff appraisal reports.

“We also intend to publish the results of this exercise in the newspapers. It is, therefore, in your interest to fully cooperate in this exercise by making all the required documents available,” the statement said.

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