The Good Book tells us that Jesus Christ taught that he who wishes to lead must first learn to serve.

He went further to demonstrate that by washing the feet of His disciples.

Since then, it has become an injunction on people in leadership positions, especially politicians, to know that they hold their positions in trust for the people, and should, therefore, regard themselves as servants.

The Vice-President, Paa Kwesi Amissah-Arthur, echoed this at Tema at the weekend, when he stated that holding political position is only an opportunity to serve, and not the preserve of any individual.

We find it instructive that the Vice President said this while addressing the congregation of the Good Shepherd Catholic Church, indicating his appreciation of the godly wisdom in that exhortation.

We wish that all our politicians will subscribe to that, and let it reflect in their actions.

It is unfortunate that in our part of the world, political leaders rather regard themselves as tin gods who should be worshipped by the people.

During electioneering periods, they go to the communities humbly appealing to the electorate for votes, and promising to seek the national interest only.

Soon after winning the votes and assuming leadership positions, however, many of them become overwhelmed by the power they seemingly wield, and become lords who should be obeyed.

The political leaders tend to expect the citizenry to pander to their every whim flaunting their power at the least opportunity and basking in the attention.

It is this lust for power that has generated a ‘culture of entitlement’ in the country, whereby some people consider themselves as ordained for leadership positions.

These are the people who consider politics as a do-or-die affair, and would stop at nothing to achieve their ambitions.

The Times believes it is time the nation made such people to realise that power is derived from the citizenry and they are thus expected to serve.

It is then that those in national leadership, or aspiring for leadership would begin to offer selfless service, taking cognizance of the fact that the national interest holds supreme.

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