Portuphy cautions Ghanaians

Mr. Portuphy

Mr. Portuphy

The Chairman for the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), Dr. Kofi Portuphy has cautioned the nation against any act that has the potential to destroy the peace of the country.

He said when there is chaos in a country, people become depressed, families are broken and become helpless and asked the nation to learn from the experiences of other countries.

Speaking as the Chairman for the thanksgiving service for the 20th anniversary celebration and 18th annual national delegates conference of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church Ghana held at the Lorenz Wolf Congregation in Tema Community One, under the theme, “Love God and do what is right”, he said it is important that the citizenry endeavour to live in peace with each other as commanded by God.

He recalled how several years ago in his capacity as the Director of Operations for the defunct National Mobilisation Programme he had to evacuate several Ghanaians from conflict nations such as Liberia and Nigeria and described it as “an experience that must remain in the past”.

Dr. Portophy said the state of people when there is war could not be explained in words and therefore his appeal to all well-meaning people to work hard to maintain the peace of the country and never make themselves instruments of destruction.

The Moderator for the General Assembly of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church Ghana, Right Reverend Dr. Seth Senyo Agidi in his sermon expressed concern about the nation having majority of its population as Christians yet still struggling with loving each other.

He said the country would save itself a lot of suffering if we loves one another as commanded by God and condemned the selfish decision by many to engage in sinful acts to enrich themselves  at the expense of other people’s comfort saying it is the reason the nation is going through suffering.

Rt Rev Dr. Agidi said it was unfortunate that  the poor and needy in the society are being neglected, especially with the churches which are gradually moving away from working for the welfare and spiritual growth of its members to rather focusing on developmental  projects.

He said churches should not burden its congregation with financial matters saying this could drive the poor away and emphasised that Jesus Christ is more interested in the number of souls the churches are able to win for Him and the impact on society but  not on the number of churches and infrastructure it has.

He asked that Christians cultivate the spirit of forgiveness since that helps to promote love among people and a good relationship with God which is very essential for Christianity and charged the Men’s Fellowship to lead the crusade for a change in attitude as they are the leaders of their home.

The Chief of Wutiu, Togbui NyahoTamakloe V, who was the guest of honour for the occasion, congratulated the Men’s Fellowship on their anniversary and encouraged them to be agents of change wherever they find themselves and also engage in charity works to improve the lives of humanity.

From DzifaTetteh, Tema.


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