Port Congestion Must Be Addressed Urgently

habourThe Ghana Ports and Harbours  Authority (GPHA) needs to expedite action on decongestion at the Tema port to curb the bottlenecks that confront institutions and individuals that do business at the port, Professor Han Ligteringen, an expert in ports and waterways has said.

He said the current situation where many containers are lined up at the port in great numbers for days without clearance is not good enough as the containers occupy space and consume lots of business time.

Speaking to the media on the sidelines of a lecture on bottlenecks at ports, among others for some students and lecturers from the University of Ghana and the Regional Maritime University here, Professor Ligteringen proposed that more technological means of operation be used to remedy the situation.

He said the manual way of doing business at the port does not facilitate speedy and efficient inspection, and clearance of goods for the mutual benefit of port officials and their clients.

Professor Ligteringen who lectures at the UNESCO-IHE Institute for Education in the Netherlands, suggested the installation of more cameras, radio active equipment, scanners and automated machines to effectively regulate the movement of goods at the port.

The professor said he is happy about the Port Development Partnership between Ghana and the Kingdom of Netherlands as it seek to collaborate with key government bodies, national and international companies operating in the port and relevant educational institutions, hoping that it would continue.

The project is Netherlands-African Business Council (NABC) initiative hosted by Cadesmee International Company Limited, Ghana, aimed at improving trade and investment relations between the Netherlands and Africa.

Adam Imoru Ayana, Managing Director of Cadesmee International, a consulting firm for maritime and shipping, said he was happy about the collaboration and hoped that the concerns raised would be addressed by the GPHA and the stakeholders.

Prof. Ligteringen who visited the country with his team of academicians took turns to educate the students on topics such as ecosystem, ways to improve obstacles at the port, hydrograph, geophysics and integrated port development.

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