Polytanks introduces new products unto the market

Polytanks (Gh) Ltd, the largest manufacturer of plastic water storage tanks in Ghana has introduced a new range of on-site sanitation products onto the Ghanaian market.

The products include a full range of dry toilets and septic tanks ranging between 1,000 litres and 5,000 litres storage capacities.

The introduction of the new products forms part of the company’s commitment to manufacture products that improve the lives of people and the environment, using modern technology.

At a workshop to introduce and brief technical experts on the new products in Accra, Mr Ashok Mohinani, Executive Director of the Mohinani Group said the products would help improve public health by addressing the challenges associated with poor hygiene in various communities.

Mr Mohinani noted that the problems associated with the extreme lack of infrastructure for public sanitation continue to be a major health concern which affects human development economically and socially in the country”.

Mr Mohinani further noted that the products were environmentally friendly, inexpensive, simple to construct, maintain and use in all locations.

Speaking on the installation processes of the products, an expert from the South African company said “the sanitary products are in two ranges, namely ecological or dry toilet and septic tanks”.

The production of the new sanitary products is collaboration between Polytank, a water and sanitation company based in South Africa.

According to expert, the dry toilet is based on the principle of eco-sanitation “which means waste is to be seen as an input rather than waste product as it is recycled back into the ecology”.

He noted that dry toilets can be used for domestic residents and institutions such as schools while the septic tanks are ideally suited for handling the waste from residential properties.

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