Politicians Urged To Sacrifice For Nation

The Catholic Archbishop of Tamale, Most Reverend Philip Naameh, has called on politicians in the country to sacrifice their personal comfort for the ordinary people.

He said it was incumbent on the leaders to let the societal interest outweigh their personal interests and work to improve the livelihoods of the people.

Most Reverend Naameh made the call at a thanksgiving service of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) at the Ola Catholic Church in Tamale on Sunday to climax the party’s national delegates congress.

The Archbishop reminded the politicians that their calling was to serve the people, saying it was unfortunate that many politicians, after gaining office, rather amass wealth and lord over the very people they were supposed to serve.

He also challenged religious leaders to continue to intercede for the country’s leaders to ensure that they governed the nation with God’s direction and wisdom.

He pointed out it was only through God’s guidance that the leaders would be able to work for progress and prosperity.

Most Reverend Naameh advised the NPP to always try to contribute to the development of the country stressing that “whether in government or opposition, the party can make a good impact on society”.

The NPP used the thanksgiving service to honour Mr. Charles K. Tedam, a founding member of the party and Chairman of the Election Committee for his contribution to the growth of the party. From Yakubu Abdul-Majeed, Tamale

As part of the honour, Mr. Tedam, 88, a former Member of the Council of State was presented with a plaque and money.

The citation accompanying the plaque read: “For your enormous contribution to the growth of the Danquah-Dombo- Busia tradition, for your unwavering dedication and all the sacrifices you have made to see the party and tradition established firmly in the political landscape of Ghana as the largest mass party in the country today, we honour you.”

Mr. Tedam, who was so excited and thrilled about the honour done by the party, expressed profound gratitude to the party for it.

He said the party had a lot to offer the people hence the need for members to remain united, saying, “united we stand, divided we fall”.


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