Political leaders asked to positively influence attitude of Ghanaians

The immediate past Greater Accra Regional Representative on the Council of State, Emmanuel Adjei Annang has admonished political leaders to develop a new mindset to help change the attitude of the citizenry towards governance and development.


According to him, the nation’s current economic standard and level of development in most of the districts and municipalities does not commensurate with the 61 years of Independence and 58 years of Republican status of the nation attributing it to an ingrained attitude of selfishness, indiscipline, greed, lack of hard work and patriotism.


Mr Annang noted that political leaders had always prioritised their parochial interests amassing wealth for themselves while their subjects who gave them the mandate, impoverish and wallow in abject poverty with little or no development around them.


Mr Annang made the admonition in an interview with the Ghanaian Times on Sunday at the commemoration of Republic Day where senior citizens were honoured for their contributions towards nation building.


With his vast wealth of knowledge and experience as the former Tema and Ada Chief Executive and former president of the National Association of Local Government (NALAG), he advised members of Kpone-Katamanso Assembly to move from their comfort zones, work hard to transform the area to enhance living standards of residents.


Mr Annang explained that the purpose of creating districts was to bring development and governance close to the citizenry but over the years not much had been achieved adding “most of the district capitals do not even befit their status in terms of road, infrastructure, water, health care and other social amenities.


Solomon Appiah, Municipal Chief Executive for Kpone-Katamanso, observed that the caliber of senior citizens in the municipality cut across wide range of professions and areas of expertise in governance, education, health among others which could assist the assembly to carry out its mandate.


Though they had retired from work, he urged them not to be retired in offering counsel in various areas of their capacity for the development of the municipality.


Mr Appiah noted that their insightful advice and suggestions would always be welcomed, considered and integrated into their action plans to facilitate governance and rapid development of the municipality.

From Ken Afedzi, Kpone.

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