‘Political Interference Is Weakening Institutions’

kwesi-jonahDr.Kwesi Jonah, a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Democratic Govern-ance (IDEG) has blamed political interference in the affairs of State institutions as being responsible for their weaknesses.

Dr Jonah was speaking on the topic, ‘Multi-party governance and national interest institutions’, at the end of a two-day training workshop for journalists in Accra on Friday.

“National institutions have become so weak, so unprofessional and so ineffective. We want institutions that will work without any side. Currently, our institutions are very partial and discriminatory,” he noted.

Dr. Jonah claimed that “the Police Service is politicised, the Civil Service is politicised and that, they are recruiting party people into the service. Therefore, the kind of professionalism, efficiency, effectiveness that characterised public service institutions in the past is no longer there”.

He said before Ghana’s independence and during Kwame Nkrumah’s era, Ghana had the best civil service on the continent, that was impartial and professional in the discharge of its work.

Dr. Jonah, who is a Senior Political Science lecturer at the University of Ghana, stressed that aside from the politicisation of state institutions, ethnicism had also taken deep root.

According to him, “this phenomenon exist where people are given appointment on state institutions not based on merit but rather based on ethnicity and tribal influences”.

He said the end result of these bad practices was the total corruption within some of the institutions, and therefore urged that the right people be appointed into right positions in the country.

Dr Jonah urged government to strive to de-politicise and stop the ethnicity within the state institutions.

He called for a reorientation of civil servants to equip them with modern technology and knowledge for them to work effectively.

He also urged that pragmatic steps be taken to uproot the massive corruption within some state institutions.

The two-day workshop for journalists was organised by IDEG, in collaboration with the Civic Forum Initiative (CFI) and United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO).

By Joseph Edu Archison 

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