Police to amend statement of Gifty Tehoda’s case

Gifty Tehoda (2)The Accra Human Rights High Court yesterday granted an application brought to it by the Ghana Police Service to amend its statement of case in the cocaine-turned baking soda scandal involving dismissed Deputy Superintendent (DSP) Gifty Mawuenyega Tehoda, former Head of the Commercial Crime Unit.

The case was adjourned to April 29.

DSP Tehoda was interdicted in September 2011, following the arrest of Nana Ama Martins, who was accused of possessing parcels of substance suspected to be cocaine.

Gifty Tehoda was linked to the disappearance of the cocaine, and consequently arrested, interdicted and dismissed.

The parcels of suspected cocaine somehow metamorphosed into baking soda under mysterious circumstances in court.

In the ensuing court case to establish the extent of her involvement in the scandal, she was acquitted and discharged unconditionally by the Circuit Court in 2012.

Three years after her acquittal, the Police Service failed to reinstate her, leading to her going the Human Rights High Court to seek redress for what she described as her wrongful dismissal by the Ghana Police Service.

Her lawyers are also demanding compensation for what they describe as “unlawful detention and withholding her promotion.”

The   defendants told the court they would call another witness to testify.

After the hearing, Tehoda said: “Everybody got to know it was a conspiracy (against me),” but will not name who she suspects to be behind the setup.

“I am innocent. I have not done anything,” she said, adding: “I am waiting for the day of declaration.”

By Malik Sullemana  

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