Police Personnel Warned Against Negative Acts

DCOP  FRANK  ADU  POKUThe Director-General (Technical) of the Ghana Police Service, Commissioner of Police Frank Adu-Poku, has asked police personnel to guard against all negative acts that can tarnish the image of the Service.

He said the Service was doing all that it could to “weed out miscreants and criminals masquerading in police uniforms from it.”
Speaking at the passing out ceremony of 417 recruits, including 160 females, last Thursday after a six-month training programme at the Kumasi Regional Training School, COP Adu-Poku said, it is sad that the Service is still perceived as corrupt.

He said it is even more “disheartening that the Service is being confronted with the involvement of police personnel in violent crime such as armed robbery.”
As part of the image cleansing, Mr. Adu-Poku said, the Service would not hesitate to deal with “anyone who exhibits tendencies of non-compliance with the directive relating to our image cleansing strategies.”
.He asked the recruits not to indulge in any negative practice that would dent the image of the Service “otherwise your stay in the Service will be short-lived.”
Mr. Adu-Poku appealed to individuals and organisations to assist the service with computers and wireless internet services to equip its training schools.

That, he said, would help in training police personnel in Information Communications Technology (ICT) and also equip them adequately to meet the changing trends in modern policing.

He underscored the importance of information in crime fighting and noted that one of the effective ways of gathering information was through the internet and it was for that reason that the Service introduced ICT in its training model.

He said information and intelligence played a major role in modern policing and the importance of information in the fight against criminality could not be overemphasised.

He said since policing was a shared responsibility, it behoved the public to share information with the police saying, “to every crime committed, there is one public eye that sees it.”
He said such information would provide essential leads in the investigation of criminal cases. Mr. Adu-Poku, however, noted that for such trust to exist, there was the need for the police personnel to be civil, courteous and receptive, and he urged the recruits to exhibit those traits so as to foster good working relations with the general public.

Prizes were also given to some deserving recruits who excelled during the training period. -Kwadwo B. Donkor, Kumasi

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