Police investigate death of woman at Akatsi

Police are investigating the death of a trader, whose body was found with multiple knife wounds in her shop on Friday, at Akatsi in the Volta Region.

The District Police Commander, Superintendent Bismark Agyapong, told The Ghanaian Times yesterday that the knife wounds were spotted on her neck, eye, shoulders and other parts of her body.

“This suggests that there is more to it than robbery, for which reason we are treating it as murder,” said Supt. Agyapong.

According to him, the woman had all along slept in her provisions shop at the centre of Akatsi where there had not been any security threat.

He stated that a daughter of the deceased also slept sometimes in the shop with her mother, although she (daughter) had her own rented room in the town.

The District Police Commander said on Thursday night, her daughter stayed with her in the shop until about 11pm before leaving for her rented premises.

He said the next morning when the daughter returned to the shop, she realised that the shop was still closed as at 9am, and found it puzzling because her mother often opened the shop much earlier than that time.

Supt. Agyapong indicated that the daughter called her mother’s cellular phone and heard it buzzing, but without her mother answering it.

So she asked some people to help her force the door open, only to find her mother’s body lying in a pool of blood beneath a bench in the shop.

“So far we have made no arrest,” Supt. Agyapong told The Ghanaian Times.

The body of the deceased has been sent to the St Paul’s Hospital in Akatsi for autopsy.

The incident has thrown the town into a state of great fear and anxiety.


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