Police in firm control of security situation –Interior Minister

Mr Ambrose Dery

Mr Ambrose Dery

In the face of the increased armed robbery attacks the country has witnessed in recent times, the Interior Minister, Ambrose Dery, has assured that the security agencies are on top of the situation and will track down the perpetrators behind the attacks.


“I want to assure that we are containing the situation effectively. I can assure you that the police haven’t lost control at all,” Ambrose Dery told newsmen in Parliament in Accra, yesterday.


He said the observation of the security apparatus is that after keeping armed criminals at bay during the Christmas festivities as a result of ‘Operation Calm Life’, there is an eruption of violent crime targeted at financial institutions.


The security situation in the country once again has come into sharp focus following the wave of armed attacks on financial institutions especially in Accra.


According to reports, 20 forex bureaus on the Spintex Road, a suburb of Accra, have been robbed since January with the latest attack being the exhibition of bravery by a group of armed men who carried out a dastard daytime attack on an automobile firm, Royal Motors, also in Accra on Tuesday.


Residents of Oyibi, a peri-urban suburb of Accra, have also said they are living in fear as a result of constant armed robbery attacks on them as the police look on helplessly because it lacks logistics.


The situation had brought in its wake questions about the proactiveness of the security agencies to deal with crime at its incubation stage.


“It is a regrettable situation for the past few days but we have not lost control at all,” he re-echoed adding that the citizenry may not appreciate the proactiveness of the Police because they [Police] don’t announce how many attacks have been foiled.


“We are working on our reactive capacity. What we need to do now is to enhance our simultaneous response capacity to counteract action of armed robbers whiles they are in action without losing one innocent life,” he stated dispelling claims that the criminals are out-smarting the security apparatus.


According to Mr Dery, Member of Parliament for Nandom, the planned retooling of the Ghana Police Service would help contain the situation as it would enable them respond to crime swiftly.


The planned retooling, he said, was being delayed as a result of the procurement procedures.


To him, what is needed to respond to armed criminals whiles they are in  action is logistics including helicopters and drones.


“If a helicopter took to the air yesterday [referring to the Tuesday attack] and was flying over those guys, they wouldn’t have ran away,” he said.


He said the two men arrested in connection with the sheer bravado exhibited on Tuesday were assisting in investigations which are pointing to a positive direction.


The police, he said, have not failed in the discharge of its mandate and that it is collaborating effectively with the other security agencies, urging the citizenry not to lose confidence in the police.


The President, Ambrose Dery said “is very much alive to all these things and wherever he is, anywhere in the world, on daily basis, he expects us to maintain [law and order].”





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