Police dogs detect US fugitives

Officials believe the escaped inmates may be in nearby Vermon

Officials believe the escaped inmates may be in nearby Vermon

Police bloodhounds have found where David Sweat and Richard Matt may have spent the night after they escaped from prison six days ago.

Food wrappers and other evidence were discovered in the woods nearby the prison according to US media reports.

Police have been receiving hundreds of tips from the public, and a sighting has been reported in Philadelphia.

“Follow every lead you have” Governor Andrew Cuomo told police as the search extended into Vermont.

“Follow them as if it’s the lead that’s going to break the case. I am confident we are going to find them, the only question is when.”

The manhunt in northern New York and surrounding areas has now extended to campsites and boat slips in neighbouring Vermont.

Mr Shumlin and Mr Cuomo held a joint press conference outside the maximum security prison from where the man escaped, Clinton Correctional Facility.

“New York was going to be hot. Vermont would be cooler, in terms of law enforcement,” Mr Shumlin said, referring to the unspecified information about the men’s whereabouts.

Officials at the Saranac Central School District, less than a mile from the prison, closed schools yesterday “in order to assist law enforcement personnel with their search efforts, and due to the closure of a number of roads”.

Police are also interviewing a cab driver in Philadelphia, who says he may have given a ride to the men early yesterday morning.

Philadelphia is about 400 miles (645 km) from the prison.

Police have received hundreds of tips from the public, but the Philadelphia police commissioner says there is no reason to believe Sweat and Matt are in the city.


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