Police call for calm

yohunoThe Ghana Police Service has called for calm ahead of today’s demonstration, saying, there would be maximum protection for participants.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCOP) Christian Tetteh Yohuno in an interview with The Ghanaian Times on the eve of the protestation said, the police had met with the leadership of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), organisers of the event, and agreed on the route “and the rules and regulations of the demonstration”.

“The police would strictly adhere to the Public Order Act and protect lives and property,”he said.

He added that, in the current democratic dispensation, the police would respect the rule of law and would expect any other citizen to oblige as such.

He said the Accra Regional Police successfully handled 40 demonstrations last year and expects his men to continue to do that because they are a service to the country.

DCOP Yohuno said the leadership of the NPP should be responsible and would have learnt from the Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG).

According to him, as much as the police would want to protect the demonstrators, it would not renege on its responsibilities to prevent them from violating the law.

The opposition NPP announced earlier on that it would embark on a demonstration today, in the national capital, Accra, to register its protest against what it termed the worsening plight of Ghanaians.

It said the street protest christened “Won gbo”, meaning we are dying, also aimed at “holding the President Mahama-led administration accountable, by ensuring that, our country’s scarce resources are utilised in a manner that will benefit all and bring relief to Ghanaians”.

The party’s General Secretary, Kwabena Agyei Agyepong complained that Ghanaians had watched in horror as their socio-economic lives continue to deteriorate saying “our currency, the Cedi, has depreciated almost 300 per cent since 2009 when the NDC took over the reins of government.

Cost of borrowing has rocketed to over 30 per cent with extremely negative impact on the major sectors of the economy like manufacturing and agriculture”.

Mr. Agyepong said Ghanaians were paying one of the highest pump prices for petroleum products in the world despite the fact that the world market price has plummeted to below 50 United States Dollars.

He explained that when NPP lost power in 2009, it had bequeathed the National Democratic Congress with enough generating capacity. “So the question cannot be that of generating capacity. It is more of poor management of our power sector.”

“This situation becomes all the more mind-boggling when we consider the massive amount of resources that have been available to this administration over the last 6years,” he added.

Meanwhile Kwabena Agyei Agyepong, yesterday cautioned troublemakers to stay off the “Won gbo” demonstration, which he described as a ‘peaceful protest’.

He said all was set for the demonstration to protest the government’s handling of the energy crisis and expects a huge turnout of faithful NPP members as well as members of other political parties.

By Ian Motey    

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