Police avert clash between two Ga fashions

The Kaneshie District Police yesterday averted a clash between some factions of the Ga State at the Ga Mantse palace in Accra.
This follows a ruling by an Accra High Court for Nii Adama Latse to be sworn in as the recognised Ga Mantse of the Ga state.
Speaking to The Ghanaian Times yesterday, the Kaneshie Divisional Commander, ACP Ernest Owusu, said the timely intervention of the police calmed tempers.
He said some of the youth stormed the palace to demand some customary rites to be performed before the installation.
He said the police has spoken to both factions and urged them to maintain and promote peace.
Also, some of the youth at the palace told the Ghanaian Times that, there was no commotion at the palace and that the issue had been sent to the Police headquarters to be resolved.
They said their presence at the palace was to maintain peace and ensure there was no clash.
When The Ghanaian Times got to the premises of the palace yesterday, it noticed that the entrance of the palace, which is normally opened was under lock and key, with some youth manning the gate, while others were moving around or standing in the compound.
Also, it was noticed all entrances to the palace were drapped in red with some of the youth also clad in red.
The Ghanaian Times reported yesterday that the Ga Mantse Nii Adama Latse, after a protracted legal dispute challenging his legitimacy to assume the presidency of the Ga Traditional Council, would be sworn- in as the president, this week.
This follows an Accra High Court’s order to install him as the president to perform his traditional and customary duties within seven days of the judgement given on Tuesday, January 17, 2017.
The court, presided over by Mrs. Justice Gifty Dekyem , said the challenge to disallow the Ga Mantse to occupy the high office was without merit since he had duly gone through all the processes which warranted his assumption of high office.
Mrs. Justice Dekyem said all challenges fly in the face of the law since he went through the process of being scrutinised by a competent and legitimate Dzaase of the Ga State which duly installed him.
She said it would therefore be against natural justice if the court through many litigation would restrain him from performing his legitimate traditional and customary duties.
Mrs. Dekyem said from all the evidence presented to the court, it was very clear that Nii Latse’s installment and subsequent registration followed the laid down traditional principals and norm and it was therefore, legitimate to grant him his right through the law

By Jemima Esinam Kuatsinu

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