Police avert clash as NPP supporters attempt seizing toilet facilities

The police on Tuesday averted what could have been a bloody clash when dozens of people believed to be supporters of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) attempted seizing a number of public toilet facilities across Teshie and Nungua, Accra suburbs.
At Teshie, the group succeeded in forcibly taking over management of a facility.
However, the group was met with burly resistance when they stormed Nungua to continue with their exercise, claiming their action was authorised by the Ledzokuku-Krowor Municipal Assembly ((LEKMA).
This resulted in a heated confrontation between the group and caretakers of the toilet facilities, nearly resulting in violence until the police intervened in the early hours of the morning.
According to an operator of the facility at Nungua, who pleaded anonymity, “there would have been bloodshed if the police had not arrived at the scene on time because we were not going to allow any intruder to take over the toilet just like that”.
However, when contacted on phone yesterday, the new Municipal Coordinating Director of LEKMA, Mr. M.K Gyimah, refuted the claims of the group, saying, “We have not given anybody the authority to take over toilets from their operators”.
Documents signed by Mr Gyimah on October 23, 2017, and sighted by the Ghanaian Times on Tuesday, had hinted of a “review of all existing contracts with current operators engaged to manage the public toilets under the supervision of the assembly”.
It stated that the assembly was concerned about the maintenance of hygiene at the public toilets within the municipality and was currently dealing with complaints from users.
“The maintenance of hygiene at the facilities is a fundamental obligation of every operator and failure on the part of every operator to ensure same may result in the termination of the operator’s contract.”
According to Ghanaian Times sources, more than 80 per cent of the toilet facilities in Nungua are under public private partnership.
This is the second time in five months that a group had attempted to seize public toilet facilities from their operators, pointing to LEKMA as their source of authority.  But each time, LEKMA was quick to come out to dissociate itself from the group’s action.


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