Pobee wants SWAG Pres on Normalisation Committee

Mr Jonathan Abbey Pobee, President of Neoplan Stars Football Club, says, he has written to the Federation of International Football Association (FIFA), to include Mr. Kwabena Yeboah, President of the Sports Writers Association of Ghana (SWAG), on the newly formed Normalisation Committee, mandated to manage the administration of football in Ghana.

According to Mr Pobee, the four-member Normalisation Committee would need an experienced sports personality to compliment their duties and believes Mr Yeboah remains the preferred choice considering his contribution to football.

“It is very important we get a media representation on the committee and I have written to FIFA on this particular issue. I feel SWAG President, Mr Yeboah, is a qualified candidate to assume a position on the Normalisation,” Pobee told GNA Sports.

He noted that, the media have played a crucial role in current happenings in Ghana football, and disapproved opinions which are calling for the inclusion of “football people” on the committee.

“The reason for writing this communique is that, the media played a crucial role in exposing the past GFA administration and it would be reasonable to get representation on the Normalisation Committee, and their input will help the reform process”.

“I don’t agree with comments which seek to suggest the inclusion of “football people” on the committee, because they have been part of this system, so I don’t see any significant input from them.”

Meanwhile the Dr. Kofi Amoah – led committee have commenced duties to return football to normality on Monday, September 17, with their tenure set to expire in March next year.


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