Pobee: I’m still Neoplan Stars boss

Pobee - Owner, •	Neoplan Stars

Pobee – Owner, • Neoplan Stars

VETERAN football administrator, Abbey Pobee, has debunked talks from certain football circles that his club Neoplan Stars has gone extinct.

A section of football fans have called for Mr Pobee to stop holding himself as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the third division club, since they have not participated in any active football for over three years.

But answering to his critics in an interview with the Times Sportson Tuesday, Mr. Abbey said the club was very much in existence but has been inactive due to the non-existence of the Ashanti Region third division league in the past six years.

“It is not my fault that my club has become dormant over the past years. Third division football has not been organised in the region for the past six years. If it were, Neoplan Stars would have been actively involved.”

He added that the blame should be laid at the doorstep of the erstwhile Ghana Football Association (GFA) for their poor administration resulting in the absence of a third division football in the region for six years.

“The past administration was poor as they watched on for years as third division football in the Ashanti Region came to a standstill.”

He said his critics have been unleashed by the old GFA bigwigs to counter his constant bashing of their “appalling time” in office.

“I know where all this is coming from, that’s what they do, when you hit them hard then they send people against you to attack you in such manner,” he lamented.

In a separate interview with Ashanti Regional Football Association (RFA) boss, Osei Tutu Agyemang, to ascertain the status of Neoplan Stars, he disclosed that the club cannot be described as defunct.

“I know the club has been inactive for the past two or three years but that is not enough yardstick to say the club has gone defunct. That has to be declared by the Players’ Status Committee of the GFA.

He added that since that has not been done, the Ashanti-based club cannot be described as defunct.

Neoplan Stars is a former Ghana Premier League(GPL) side, now wallowing indivision three football.



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