PNC in coma – Mornah

Mr. Mornah

Mr. Mornah

The People’s National Convention (PNC) is comatose, its national chairman Bernard Mornah has stated.

“My honest truth is that we appear to be in coma; yes, we are not breathing very well and we need to do something dramatically and radically in order to wake up from our coma,” he stressed.

“I must say”, he noted, “that as national chairman, it is very difficult to run a party that is seemed to be divided on personality [lines] and not on principles and not on the facts.”

He cautioned that the party will continue to remain dormant if its leaders and members do not stop worshipping personalities to the detriment of the greater good of the PNC.

“Sometimes you listen to some people [who are] off the mark and they say: ‘Oh you know we are following this person because he is old and we don’t want to bring his name into disrepute.
“That is exactly what is happening,” he said.

He said as part of measures to revise the PNC, a three-man meeting will be held today where some “hard truths” would be spoken.

“Look this party has grown beyond individuals,” he bemoaned. –

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