PNC Disowns Bernard Mornah

Alhaji Ahmed  Ramadan-- PNC ChairmanThe People’s National Convention (PNC) has no hand in a court case being championed by its General Secretary, Bernard Mornah, the party’s National Chairman of the party Alhaji Ahmed Ramadan has said.

The General Secretary of PNC  is heading to court to challenge the provisions of Constitutional Instrument (C.I) 75, which makes biometric verification a prerequisite for voting.

“I have personally instructed my counsel and lawyers to take up the matter and I am sure that after the judicial break, we will seek a proper interpretation of the position of C.I 75 vis-a-vis ‘No verification, No vote’ and the 1992 constitution,” Mr Mornah said.

He said the “No Verification, No Vote” provision breaches Article 42 of the 1992 Constitution and must, therefore, be expunged.

But the party’s chairman Alhaji Ramadan has said the PNC would not be a party to the court case, adding that Mornah was going to seek for interpretation in his personal capacity.

“As far as the position of the party is concerned, we have not endorsed that action,” Ramadan noted, saying, “he is an individual and can go for any interpretation”.

He said the PNC was part of a meeting of the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) to enforce the “No Verification, No Vote” policy and has since not retreated.

“Whatever interpretation he is seeking, we can’t stop him,” Alhaji Ramadan stressed.

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