PNC Chairman arrested for unlawful assembly

Mr Bernard Mornah

Mr Bernard Mornah

Chairman of the People’s National Convention (PNC), Bernard Mornah and security analyst, Irbad Ibrahim were on Saturday arrested along with 17 other persons by the Accra Regional Police command for “unlawful assembly”.

Mr. Mornah was leading a demonstration in support of some Togolese nationals in Ghana who have been agitating for an end to the Gnassingbe dynasty.

They were, however, released on bail after few hours in police custody at the Nima Police cells.

Mr. Mornah after his release accused the government of conniving with the Togolese authorities to suppress voices of dissent protesting against the abuse of human rights in that country.

“What is happening suggests that the government [of Ghana] supports the undemocratic happenings in Togo. They support the abuses and killings of our brothers and sisters in Togo,” he said.

Mr. Mornah described his arrest as “uncouth, unreasonable, and defies any reasonable thinking that the police in recent times can behave like that”.

Meanwhile, the police in a statement explained that the PNC Chair defied the Public Order Act in organising the protest march.

The police statement, signed by Assistant Commissioner of Police, David Eklu, said Mr. Mornah and his group obtained police permission to embark on the march but failed to heed to its advice when it became clear that the demonstration could not go ahead.

“Based on an information received by the police that another group had planned to disrupt the demonstration as well as other operational exigencies the police had to handle, the leader of the group Mr. Bernard Mornah who was advised to suspend the demonstration but he failed to heed to the advice and went ahead to organise the group who assembled at Kawukudi Park ready to embark on the demonstration,” the statement said.

The police statement appealed to persons or group of persons who intend to embark on any public event, especially during this Christmas period, to cooperate with the police to ensure the security of the demonstrators, as well as members of the public.

This is the second time the police clamped down on protestors in Accra, after the police arrested 26 Togolese in October for staging protest without due process, demanding for the end of the Gnassingbe family dynasty which is nearly five decades old.




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