PLB’s Long break questioned

CHAIRMAN of former premier league campaigners, Neoplan Stars FC, Jonathan Abbey-Pobee has questioned the rationale behind thePremier League Board’s (PLB), breaking of the league for a whole month.

According to Abbey Pobee, the PLB has already been complaining about the late start of the league due to King Faisal’s court case and that he does not understand why there should be such a long break.

“Is it not the PLB that denied Hearts of Oak just a three-day postponement saying the program is packed because of King Faisal’s court case? So what is the essence of the long break? When this happens, it affects the clubs negatively”, Mr. Pobee said in an interview with

“If you look at our FA Statutes, the league is supposed to be played in ten months. This is so because players’ contracts are signed in seasons. So if such a long break comes, the clubs suffer because it bloats their budget. So for the PLB to have sanctioned such a long break, I don’t think it is good”, he added.

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