Pig Farming Gaining Popularity In Upper Manya

Pig farming is on the increase in the Upper Manya Krobo District.

Farmers in the district are traditionally crop farmers and fishermen due to the Volta Lake in the district and commercial livestock farming has not been popular in the district.

In recent times the presence of Fulani herdsmen along the Volta Lake had led to the gradual development of the interest of cattle farming in the district.

Sources close to the agricultural directorate in the district informed the Ghana News Agency (GNA) media auditing and tracking of development projects team that so far six farmers engaged in large scale commercial rearing of the pigs had been identified in the district.

He said the directorate was supporting the identified farmers and training them in good animal care and it was expected that the farmers would expand their activities to influence other farmers in the district.

The GNA Media Auditing and Tracking of Development Projects is sponsored by STAR-Ghana, a multi donor organisation and the project is expected to promote participatory democracy, social accountability and good governance.

He said, farmers in the district are being encouraged to go into livestock production in large quantities to meet the demands of the people and that of the market.

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