People’s Democratic Movement outdoored

Dr Kojo Opoku Aidoo

Dr Kojo Opoku Aidoo

A new political movement, the People’s Democratic Movement, with an alternative ideology to end the political duopoly in Ghana was yesterday outdoored in Accra.


The movement which has plans to gain state power through the electoral process after becoming a political party, aimed at transforming its ideologies into realities to touch positively on Ghanaian lives.


Launching the movement and sharing its rationale, Dr. Kojo Opoku Aidoo, leading member said the movement would ensure a paradigm shift from the two leading parties, the New Patriotic Party (NPP)and the National Democratic Congress(NDC), which have dominated Ghana’s political space since the inception of democracy in 1992.


He explained that the possibility of breaking the NPP and the NDC duopoly was manifested in the numerous run-offs for declarations of the presidential winner indicated both parties lacked the support base for a long tenureship.


“The run-offs showed voters were becoming increasingly disillusioned with social and economic interventions both parties seem to take in solving challenges the country was facing, it has become quite clear Ghanaians are looking for practical solutions which affect their livelihoods.


“The movement will target such voters sensitising them, the two major political parties solutions over 60 years after independence has not worked and there is the need to have a new structure with a paradigm shift.


“Twenty-six years of democratisation has rather disempowered the citizenry, creating a level of poverty despite many economic interventions propagated under numerous acronyms to arrest the situation, people should not be seen as a end to development but seen as means of development with their participation,” Dr Aidoo bemoaned.


Branford Quarshie, a member of the group, delivering a message on ‘Youth and National Transformation’ noted that the youth which in most countries constituted majority segment of population were currently endowed with the visionary and intellect to save the world.


“The youth have daunting challenges in the global world which needs to be addressed in order to realise their full potential because they are energetic and resolute which constitute the working class should aspire to leadership positions to create the platform to accelerate the development agenda,” Mr Quarshie indicated.


Rodalyn, Imoro-Ayarna, a leading member of the Conventions People’s Party (CPP), who was the guest speaker, challenged the citizenry, who are patriotic had to boldly speak out and put the government on its toes to address the ailing economy.


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